TrueTarget™ 2.0 is here! March 2018 Update


It’s been a little since our last blog post but we’re finally ready to share what our crafty devs have been tinkering with in the last few months. Something to keep in mind and something we’ve kept a close eye on is mobile video consumption and its saturation in 2018 alone. With this in mind we wanted to try and provide our partners with more information and tools to finitely manage campaigns with more granularity and we hope you’ll love the additions as much as we do.

What’s New

TrueTarget™ 2.0
We learned a lot from our TrueTarget™ system which used AGLIO (age, gender, location, interests and occupation) for precision targeting. We’ve been able to compile campaign data and throughout our research find what works well in that system and what provides nominal benefits.

Building on an established and robust system TrueTarget™ 2.0 takes the data we have to better match the partners ad to the demographic they want. Enabled by users’ browsing trends, page context and SmartWords, TrueTarget™ 2.0 through internal testing ensures that your trendy new camera accessory reaches that young budding artist you intended.

That’s a new one for you. SmartWords is a new setting in our TrueTarget™ 2.0 revamp which allows for a multi-targeted aim at reaching the desired audience, a proven tactic which has been found to work more reliably. In addition to the previous options in TrueTarget™, you can in conjunction specify a keyword to be used, effectively firing a smaller net into a bustling pond of your waiting audiences.

Full Click Attributions
When a user converts (makes a purchase from your ad), you’ll now be able to see all of the websites that were involved in that conversion! This is invaluable date which provides insight into where conversions are coming from and allows you to make informed decisions to your campaign from these trends. You’ll see this in the Attribution Centre.

Batch Campaign Pause + Start
This will make it easier for you to start and stop multiple campaigns at the same time for faster split testing and easier management.

Batch Campaign Ad Settings Adjustment
You’ll find you can now duplicate and delete campaigns, change keywords, demographics and budget across multiple campaigns instead of manually creating and setting up each one individually. We’re all about efficiency.

Zoom and Cinema for SmartBar
If you have a video which doesn’t meet the 16:9 aspect ratio of our SmartBar, we have a two new options for you. Zoom will, as the name implies, zoom into the video to fill the space and Cinema will blur the edges without cropping into the video but fill the white space around the video.

This is a perfect way to mould your video for our platform if you’re unable to source a 16:9 version of a video you already have.

We hope you find these useful additions to the platform as we continue to refine and develop it further going forward.

Before we leave, to celebrate the launch of TrueTarget™ 2.0, we’ll be giving away £250 in free ad credit (around 7,250 video views) to test the new platform and some of the new features. This promotion is only valid between 1st March 2018 till 31st March 2018.

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