SmartBar goes non-clickable, stronger than ever!


Another month, another update! Today we’re talking about an update to a fundamental part of our SmartBar.

Since its inception, SmartBar has always been a clickable video ad. Typical behaviour of clicking an ad run through SmarBar in a webpage would take customers/users to a landing page set-up by advertisers.

As of today SmartBar will no longer redirect to a chosen landing page, however let us take this moment to thoroughly explain why we’ve made such a change as we understand that this can seem counter-productive.

Our account managers have kept a close eye on campaigns over the last few months and to keep up with mobile trends and the fight for unobtrusive yet effective ads we’ve found through extensive testing some fairly interesting results. The decision to disable clickable SmartBar ads was a difficult one but one we felt necessary based on our following findings:

1. It is more expensive for Ash TV host clickable SmartBar ads which makes little sense based on the following points. The savings allow us to reinstate the minimum £29.99 spend which we stopped in January. The default spend however will still be set at £39.99.

2. We’ve noticed no improvement on conversions when users clicks adverts.

3. We found that over 60% of clicks on mobile are accidental. Accidental clicks at such a high percentage makes for more expensive campaigns based on false positives which aren’t reflective of the effectiviteness of the ad-content.

We hope our users can understand the change and can appreciate the decisions we’ve made.

That’s all for now, we’ll keep you posted should anything change and keep an eye on the blog for more content to follow!

Psst: Did you hear about our new SmartBar Display format?

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