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in testing.

We advise all of our customers to have a test trial at first. Depending on your budget, the best tests are
done by spending £10 to £50 per day. And then if you’re happy with the testing scale it up!
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How much do video ads cost?

The amount you pay to advertise on Ash.TV is up to you. You can get started with any budget and stop or pause your ads at any time. Our video ads are sold through an auction. This means that when you run ads, you compete with other advertisers who want to reach a similar target audience.

Learn more about how the ad auctions work ˅

One simple way to control your advertising spend

You can control your daily spend with a single click within our platform. This way you can update your spend at any time to correlate with your desired amount of advertising.

Choose your ad pricing

Cost-per-click (CPC)

Pay when people click on your ad. Use CPC when your goal is to generate sales and/or traffic to your website

Cost-per-mille (CPM)

Pay when people watch your ad. Use CPM when your goal is to educate large amounts of viewers.

Setup payments in a blink of an eye

We make payments really simple for marketers. Add a credit or debit card, set a daily budget and we'll do the rest. Your card will be charged on a weekly basis and receipts will be sent directly to you or your finance department. This way you have complete control over the amount you spend. Stop or pause your campaigns at any time and your automated weekly billing will be paused instantly alongside your stopped/paused campaign.

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Test video advertising by setting a daily budget and see an increase in the return on your investment. Start, pause and tweak campaigns at any time with no minimum spend.