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£39.99 per 1000 engaged video views

User must watch at least 5 seconds of your video for us to count the impression.

Pay-as-you-go plan

Cancel anytime with 30 days notice, offers great flexibility for SME businesses.

Flexible Pay-as-you-go plan, cancel with one months notice.
/monthly minimum
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Key accounts plan

Work on a monthly payments package with your account manager and unlock spend discounts for forward planning.

Key accounts plan, earn rebates for forward planning.
/monthly minimum
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Key accounts spend rebates

By forward planning your budget we are able to pre-plan campaigns with our network of publishers earning discounts on spend that are given back to you in the form of additional campaign spend.

Spend rebates

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Got questions? We've got answers.

1. Are there any upfront costs?

No. We set up campaigns and help optimise your content, install tracking pixels and apply best practices free of charge.

2. How am I billed?

We bill via a debit or credit card every 30 days depending on your set daily spend, if your daily spend changes your next billing cycle will automatically be updated.

3. Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can cancel at any time however we do require a 30 days notice as we pre-purchase advertising space on premium publishers on behalf of your campaign.

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