Introducing SmartBar Display, June 2018 Changelog


After coming hot off the press on our latest announcement of raised investment, our next new piece of platform news is the introduction of SmartBar Display.

There’s no doubt that the Ash TV platform is built for video however we’ve learned and appreciate that having a video ready to go can sometimes be a hurdle for new clients to jump on board. Today we’re lowering this barrier of entry by introducing SmartBar Display which uses static images in place of a video.

Why would one use SmartBar Display? Perhaps you don’t have a video ready to go just yet and you’re eager to try out the platform. Perhaps you’d like to see what kind of reach you can expect straight away without having to modify your video for the platform or you already have a campaign running but would like to gauge your audience’s reception to a new product/service. Either way, SmartBar Display means getting on-board with Ash TV is just that little bit easier.

The original video based SmartBar is still here and stronger than ever but will be now known as SmartBar Dynamic.

That’s not all though! We’ve done some major reworks on the backend and even front end of the platform to improve user experience. You’ll find a changelog below:


  • Our entire platform backend has been rewritten in Java which not only speeds up the platform but also allows us to make integrations and changes quicker
  • Smart caching via fast memory based storage is a big one. It allows for super fast loading in the Decision Maker. Navigating your campaign should now be lightning quick.
  • Conversion estimates have been added to estimate your conversions before they even happen.
  • Table filtering has been added so you can now quickly isolate your results on your dashboard in the top right corner.
  • Fixed bug with spending occasionally exceeding margin of error calculations
  • Inline renaming for creating and editing Ad Groups and Campaigns

Billing Changes
We’re making a small change to the billing cycle for our customers to to bring our system in line with standard processes but also to reduce the stress of your client’s finance teams! The default billing cycle will be changed to monthly billing instead of weekly billing. This will be the default option for new account holders however but the option for weekly billing is still available if you prefer via the billing page.

The 30 day billing period will come into effect immediately however the option to toggle between the two billing methods won’t be available until a week or so after this post.

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