Drive sales with performance video ads

Our decision maker platform optimises your results with conversions in mind, that's why we call it performance driven display. Meanwhile our TrueTarget technology reaches the perfect customers for your business.

Raise awareness

Performance video ads are a really strong way to grow brand awareness, drive traffic to landing pages, and gain a social following. With Ash.TV you can track all of the viewer engagement and statistics on our platform.

What you can do with Ash.TV:

• Have your advertising message heard

• Reach your ideal audience with that message due to our TrueTarget technology, and across any devices, even mobile devices.

• Let the A.I. do the hard work: our decision maker can optimise your campaigns to your liking, such as targeting on generating sales and/or traffic or simply educating the viewer.

• Keep you in the loop, always. You will have complete visibility on how individuals engage with your business from start to end.

• Show a real-time conversion journey in simple charts of each customer that purchases your product after watching your video.

• Set your own budget and choose your own price (CPC or CPM).

Targeting and tracking


Our TrueTarget technology uses a combination of live social media data, GEOIP data and retargeting data in order predict the viewer of the device. In a 2016 test, our technology scored a 98.9% accuracy. Audiences on Ash.TV can be selected by 5 main metric groups: Age, Gender, Location, Interests and Occupation (AGLIO-targeting).

True cross-platform tracking

We use "impression to conversion"-tracking to catch every single person watching your video ad. We follow them throughout their pre-purchase journey and this includes tracking users switching between devices and Wi-Fi networks. All of this as a service to help you to understand why and when viewers of your ad generate into clicks and conversions.

Machine learning

Decision maker

The decision maker platform ultimately makes important campaign-based decisions for you using machine learning. It automatically optimises your campaign for the best outcome of your choice. Simply select what your campaign goals are: generate sales and/or traffic, or educate the viewer.

Our decision maker will receive feedback on its choices and the results will be included in the weekly reports you’ll receive. The decision maker is jam packed with powerful features, such as overview reporting, real-time geographical reporting, advanced engagement insights, customer journeys, time-of- day reporting and an ad-level campaign manager. And if you don’t want to wait for the weekly reports, you can check these statistics 24/7 at any time you please.

Create new customers with performance video.

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