Ash TV Believes in Better Ads


As of today, (15th February 2018) Google’s ad-blocking feature goes live to combat the epidemic of unethically sized and placed intrusive ads in Chrome and Chrome for Mobile. This is a welcomed addition to one of our favourite browsers, but how does this affect us and our partners?

The short answer is, not at all! Ash TV is proud to be a strong proponent of better ads and we’re glad to see a major player in the browser space taking strides in the efforts of delivering an uncompromised browsing experience, a practice we’ve perfected from our conception.

Earlier this year, The Coalition for Better Ads, presented The ‘Initial Better Ads Standards’, a researched account of a variety of ads that are considered to be a hindrance to users in the desktop and mobile space. One that caught our eye, in particular, was the “large sticky ads” which is described as being unacceptable once 30% of the screen has been consumed by it.

This is why when we designed our Smartbar for mobile, we made sure only a maximum of 20% of the display on any device would be utilised, leaving users with more space to enjoy their favourite websites yet still be reached with meaningful ad content,

The Coalition for Better Ads also identified “auto-playing video with sound” ad as another potential sore spot on mobile. Namely, the automatic playing of sound being the offending culprit, possibly leaving individuals a bit embarrassed if caught off guard, a quality not found in ads run through Ash TV which runs video on mute by default.

Ash TV is proud to already conform to the Initial Better Ads standard and will continue to strive in producing unobtrusive yet effective ads going forward.

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